“How to Stop Worrying About
Getting Ripped Off When You
Buy or Service Refrigeration Equipment”

As a restaurant, or bar owner, or operator, you know that your equipment is a sizable investment … and an absolute necessity to your business!

But is also an investment that should make you money or enhance your productivity in the kitchen or behind the bar. It should not just be an overhead expense to drain your pocketbook!

  • Is your walk in cooler protecting your food investment properly?
  • Is your margarita machine consistently pouring out quality drinks (probably one of your biggest margin items) drink-after-drink, week-after-week?
  • Is your soft serve ice cream machine churning out profitable treats for your customers?
  • Is your ice machine the correct size and reliably cranking out ice to keep a restaurant full of customers happy?

If you’ve spent any time in the food and beverage business, you know how any equipment malfunction or short-coming can result in a restaurant or bar full of unhappy customers and lost profits.

Just one piece of equipment that’s not working properly … or keeping up with demand … can cost you a fortune in sales or create major headaches and hassles for your staff.

The best way to avoid these losses and hassles is by choosing a company that can make sure you get the right refrigerated equipment and help you maintain it properly.

At Frigtech Equipment, we’ve taken over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry and developed a knowledge bank of information to help our customers get the right equipment … at the right price … and keep it working for the full life of each unit.

We won’t oversell or encourage you to buy more than you need like some companies do. And we’ve got plenty of experience to recommend units that will be able to keep up with demand at your peak times and grow with your business.

We’ll simply arm you with information to help you make informed decisions when you invest in refrigeration equipment or service.

We deal with many top-notch brands, including Manitowok, Stoelting, Cornelius, Chill Rite, Hoshizaki, and more. Because of this, companies YUM Brands (Long John Silvers/A&W), Sonic Drive-Ins, Sam’s Clubs depend on us to keep their equipment in top condition. We’ve also worked with Landry’s Restaurants, and Joe’s Crab Shacks nationwide, as well as numerous independent restaurants, and regional chains.

So no matter if you’ve got one location or 100, or whether you are brand new to this industry or been around for years, you can trust Frigtech Equipment to treat you and your business with integrity and respect.

We’ll protect your time and your investment. You can count on Frigtech to always provide you with the best possible equipment or service — at a fair price — so you can focus on what you do best – taking care of your customers!

So, before you shell out thousands of dollars on refrigerated equipment, installing or repairing it — pick up the phone and call us at (713) 838-0641 or Toll-Free at (877) 222-2349.

One phone call to us just might save you thousands of dollars in poor equipment choices, unnecessary repairs or major hassles. Call now!

We can help you buy or service:

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